Margarita Party Pack

Black Fly - Margarita Party Pack
4 x 400mL bottles of Strawberry Margarita
4 x 400mL bottles of Mango Margarita
4 x 400mL bottles of classic lime Tequila Margarita

Following the smash success of Black Fly Tequila Margarita 4-pack, Black Fly is delighted to introduce Black Fly MARGARITA PARTY PACK with t3 fantastic margarita flavours in each 12 bottle party pack. Black Fly Classic Tequila Margarita (lime), NEW Black Fly Strawberry Margarita and NEW Black Fly Mango Margarita. Taste the real juices, lime, strawberry and mango, the genuine Mexican tequila and the hint of salt. It will be hard to pick your favourite flavour! NOT TOO SWEET, balanced & delicious. Great value at a price that delivers one free bottle per pack (compared to 4-pack pricing).

  • Made with real lime, strawberry & mango juices
  • Genuine Mexican Tequila, 7% alc./vol.
  • Lightly sweetened with real cane sugar
  • Free from high fructose corn syrup
  • No Gluten
  • Big 400 mL non-breakable, resealable bottles
  • Great value, 20% more than standard 330mL bottles
Margarita Party Pack