Not too Sweet. Canadian. Craft Produced
It's always black fly season! Premium mixed drinks!
Black FLY Plant, alcohol totes & finished goods
Black Fly Plant, East view
Hooking up 1000 L vodka totes
Hot Mix & Blending Tanks
Weigh, Measure & Pour Premium Ingredients;
Pure juices & real cane sugar (not hfc)
QA team, loAD, fill, cap, pack, palletize
Black Fly bottles in Rinser
Black Fly bottles on conveyor to filler
Black Fly Long Island iced Tea bottles in Rinser
Black Fly bottles in Capper
Off the line to gathering table
Gathering Table to Packing Station
Bottled at 0-1 degrees. Cold & fresh off the line
4-pack Hand Packing Station
Into the 24 Bottle Shipper & through the Taper
Packing, Taping & Palletizing with
Biodegradable Shrink Wrap
End of Another Day on the Loading Dock at
black fly
see how black fly is made on the food network show - food factory!