Black Fly - Long Island Iced Tea
Made with the perfect blend of spirits; Canadian
Vodka, Genuine Mexican Tequila, notes of gin, rum
pure lemon juice and a splash of cola this Classic
Cocktail is a sure hit. Slightly sour. Balanced. &
Not too sweet.
  • A delicious classic cocktail
  • Made with real lemon juice
  • Vodka & Tequila 7% alc./vol.
  • Notes of gin, rum and a splash of cola
  • Lightly sweetened with real cane sugar
  • Free from high-fructose corn syrup
  • No Gluten
  • Big 400 mL non-breakable, resealable bottles
  • Great value, 20% more than standard 330mL bottles
Long Island Iced Tea
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