IT'S ALWAYS BLACK FLY SEASON: Low sweetness and a soft champagne like bubble and real premium taste make Black Fly’s highly refreshing mixed drinks the perfect pick for all kinds of casual and formal occasions. From summer barbecues to thanksgiving to brunches and holiday parties there is a Black Fly mixed drink to be paired with your occasion, served and enjoyed all year round.

Serve ice cold in the non-breakable bottles where glass is unwelcome, and keep your Black Fly cold with ice cubes that fit right in the bottle, or dress up your Black Fly with a simple garnish and great glassware.

Go simple, and Serve and 2-3 drinks per bottle or on the rocks as a ready-to-serve cocktail. Freeze, slush, garnish and discover the versatility and broad appeal of each flavour. Hope you enjoy our serving suggestions and cocktail ideas. Please send us your creations.

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Freeze Black Fly Tequila Margarita to a slush for an authentic and delicious frozen Margarita. Serve in salt rimmed glasses with a lime slice garnish.
Garnish Black Fly Long Island Iced Tea with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. Serve in a tall, ice filled glass for a fabulous cocktail or fill a pitcher with ice and lemon wedges to please a crowd.
With a jumble of frozen or fresh fruit and a sprig of mint to garnish, create a light, refreshing and not-too-sweet sangria-style punch. Ladle into individual glasses for a fruity and colourful cocktail.
Served with frozen blueberries or fresh cranberries, Black Fly makes a fabulous signature cocktail and delicious martini. At 7% vodka, Black Fly Martinis can be served on their own or with some added chilled vodka.
Mix 2/3 Black Fly and 1/3 Champagne or Sparkling Wine, and add optional frozen berries for a fresh twist and some added bubble.
Move over lemonade...Chill Black Fly Vodka Citrus and serve on the rocks with your favourite wedges of lemon, lime or orange and delight your guests with a light, fresh, thirst quenching cocktail.
For a yummy cocktail and colourful presentation I serve Black Fly Mango Margarita with pomegranate.
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Freeze this authentic strawberry margarita to slush, and enjoy the fresh taste of pure strawberry juice, lime juices and tequila.
Real mango juice, lime & tequila make this unique cocktail a hit with mango lovers and margarita lovers alike. Serve frozen or on the rocks with colourful garnishes of fresh mango and lime.
Slip fresh mint and slices of lime between cubes of ice before pouring chilled Black Fly Rum Mojito into a tall ice filled glass. Your guests will rave at this fabulous and fresh mojito.
Gently warm Black Fly Spiced Rum Mulled Cider. Serve by the fire during cocktail hour in glass mugs, and garnish with a stick of cinnamon for a unique warm cocktail that will have your guests raving.
Chill Black Fly Spiced Rum Mulled Cider and serve ice-cold for the authentic taste of real apple Canadian Cider. A refreshing spicy full-bodied ready-to serve cocktail. Garnish with thin apple slices and a stick of cinnamon.
Get the party started with Black Fly RUM PUNCH. Chill and serve by the glass with tropical tasty garnishes of pineapple and strawberries. Great at any get together with finger foods, hors’dourves, shrimp cocktail. Smooth. Boozy and Delicious.