Black Fly Vodka & Tequila Mixed Drinks are made with premium ingredients including pure juices, 7% spirits and are lightly sweetened with cane sugar (not high fructose corn syrup) to deliver a Bold Taste without the Sweetness. Using the LCBO sugar scale for rating wines & spirit beverages, Black Fly drinks are low in sweetness with Vodka Cranberry a 4 & Vodka Citrus 7 (as compared to 9-16 for traditional ready to drink (RTD) beverages. Balanced. Refreshing & Delicious.

Real pure juices (not juice blends or wonfs) are a premium ingredient in every Black Fly recipe. To balance the tart taste of the pure cranberry, wild blueberry, lemon, lime, strawberry & mango juices we add a hint of sweet with real cane sugar (not high fructose corn syrup). Black Fly uses real Canadian Vodka in our Vodka Mixed Drinks & utilizes its special license to import Genuine Mexican Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico for an authentic Mexican tequila taste in every Black Fly Tequila Mixed Drink.

At 400mL Black Fly bottles offer approximately 15% more volume that 330-335mL bottles. That's two extra bottles per case of 24! Great for entertaining, one bottle poured into a cocktail glass serves 2-3 drinks! Our custom designed bottles are lightweight, non-breakable, BPA free, recyclable and re-sealable PET1 bottles that are quick to chill, convenient to enjoy straight from the bottle. Fans of the Fly love that ice cubes fit right through the wide mouth tops.

Truly different indeed, Black Fly coolers are, to borrow a phrase "distinctly Canadian" What is more, the black fly is the major pollinator for blueberries, that quintessential Canadian fruit. And cranberries share equal status as a symbol of woodsy Canada. mix them together, stir in some spirits, bottle them all in wide-mouthed, plastic, recyclable bottles and you have a drink as Canadian as free health care and street hockey.
- T. Belford, National Post

Low sweetness, pure juices and a soft champagne-like bubble make Black Fly broadly appealing, highly refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed all year round; from dockside on summer days to unique signature cocktails through the holiday season. Go casual by serving ice cold in the non-breakable bottles or elegant on the rocks as delicious ready-to go mixed drinks that make entertaining easy. See how simple it is to dress-up your Black Fly on our COCKTAILS page. From Mimosas to Frozen Margaritas to Sangria Style Punch. Check out how adding beautiful garnish, frozen berries, champagne, chilled spirits to your Black Fly will create unique cocktails.

Reducing our environmental footprint through green business practises is a key value at Black Fly. Our PET1 bottles are lightweight, locally sourced & are the most recyclable plastics used in the industry with important end uses such as car parts & clothing. Ongoing green initiatives include the implementation of biodegradable shrinkwrap, biodegradable sampling cups & packaging designs that utilize glue-less closures and significantly reduce packaging.