Not too Sweet. Canadian. Craft Produced
It's always black fly season! Premium mixed drinks!
Black Fly Beverage Company Inc.
535 Sovereign Road,
London, Ontario
N5V 5H4
Tel: 519-667-1555 | Fax: 519-667-1550
Twitter: @blackflybooze
YouTube: /blackflybooze
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Fans of the fly have to be some of the most passionate people in the world! We greatly appreciate all the glowing reviews, comments, questions and feedback that flow in from people in every community, town and city that Black Fly spirit beverage are sold. Keep the love coming, and the photos, and the suggestions. Join us on facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Upload your pics! There are always events, contests and cool stuff to be won. Day or night...we're always open for our customers and available to support our customers. So there are a few upsides to being small...